I can speak any language
that speaks through the soul.
I have beliefs that I have been
caring for far too long.
I’m aware of the whole,
but also of simple things.
I can gently touch people’s hearts,
and see their empty
and bare soul.
I speak the language of nobody
and yet, everybody.

Have I become my beliefs? Or my doubts?
Who’s questioning? And who’s answering?
I have crossed bridges
and yet, still wandering.

My mind is aware of everything,
and yet, keeps roaming.
When I speak with God
is when I speak with myself.
When I sit cross-legged
is when I connect with my soul.

I enjoy music, but I can also
see the beauty of silence

When I quiet myself,
I can speak the language of birds,
I can see the meaning of bee buzzes.
When the world goes quiet
I plunge myself inside my soul.
I can be everything,
and yet nothing.

I’m nobody, but also everybody.
I’m the honey, but also the bees.
I’m the tea, but also the herbs.
I’m the trees, but also the roots.
I’m the “I”, and
I’m the “you”.
I’m the breeze,
and I’m God.
I’m one,
and yet, the whole.

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